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A Trusted Provider

AAEC strives to ensure that our clients can always rely on us to be ahead of threats, make relevant recommendations and always have their best interests in mind. We will bring our years of experience and devotion to our clients success to every project, any where, every time.

The breakdown

Our customers typically come to us first with all of their technology questions, because they feel comfortable and confident in our ability to give them sound advice and guidance when we’re able, or refer them to others for matters outside of our expertise.

One customer asked us if we could take the lead on evaluating, demonstrating, and implementing a project management software suite for their company. We were happy to do that. Another customer asked if we could help them with some specific aspects of construction and renovation on a multi-building complex they had recently purchased, and we were able to refer them to one of our partners to both expedite the process and narrow their scope. In both scenarios, our customers were glad they came to us first!