An example for you

Your Security

In almost every headline regarding information technology today are mentions of zero day, ransomeware and a host of other frightening terms which can seem overwhelming. At AAEC we are aware it is difficult to keep up with all these concerns and to know whether or not you are secure. We can help make sure your systems are secure, your data is safe and you can sleep soundly knowing someone is watching out for you.

The breakdown

Maybe you have internet service through Verizon, ComCast, or some other company. When you ordered your service, a technician came and installed what you call “a modem or router or whatever …” but you’re not really sure if that is providing any security for your environment. Or maybe you have a firewall, but aren’t sure if it’s providing adequate protection because you have no idea how to check. Or, perhaps you’re reading about ransomware, zero day attacks, and big companies like Target or even government agencies being hacked, and you’re wondering if there are steps you can take to protect your company and customer data. We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through the process of verifying or improving your security posture.