An example for you

A Mobile Workforce

We definitely understand, your employees are on the go accessing systems through VPN, Remote Desktop, Phones and a myriad of other ways. At AAEC we can help you get this under control, protect your corporate data and ensure you can keep your employees working whenever and wherever they need.

The breakdown

Maybe you know your 15 employees all access your company’s data from their personal smart phones. Or, maybe you have a “corporate plan” for your phones, but in reality, that just makes it so that you have a single bill for all 50 phones your employees use, but doesn’t offer any centralized management of that fleet of phones, or tools or security to help prevent those phones from becoming a liability when lost or stolen. Or, maybe your company has an application that your employees use, and that application needs an update that’s not available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. We’re here to help.

We can help you become more efficient in delivering applications and services to your smart phones and tablets. We can also help you to better secure those devices, limit access people have from their devices, isolate between personal and company data and applications, or better track who’s eligible for a phone upgrade on your corporate plan.